Yeremia Yudha Enrico

Company Background

The company about to be build by Yeremia Yudha Enrico has so many things to offer. As a corporation, this company will has a lot of stuffs to junggle with, concentraining on the segmented field of product design with the hints of fine local craftmanships. Yudha himself, as what most people calls him, tends to be a designer-makes whom will surely not just be another company owner but leads his way of strunggling through all the products quality.

Most of the times he said that good products can be made thoroughly a fine detailing processes. And for him, such fine handmade details can be achieved by giving the best design there could be with a mutual provocation of stricly controlled manufacturs, frankly the owner likes this company to thaen have a well designed and also a well-executed products that follows such craftmanship basis. and such products might then be in all kinds of categories, which devided into some wearables, jewelry, furnitures, instruments, etc.

All of the items created then, will each has their own hints of fine materials, detailing process, even the prediction of how will it interacts in the future with its surroundings and culture.

Each and every one of them will has a background story to tell the buyers, to tell them that they are not just buying a product but they will also buy a piece of the company’s culture.

Corporate Branding

The name Enr.co itself came after the owner’s name abbreviation “Enrico” and “Co” representing the company’s identity as a corporation, but a little split was put here in order to make the sound of the company’s name by the way it is read to be a whole brief name of the owner.

The circle surrounding the name represents the always-turning cycle, like the ouroboros. The style represents the essences of clean cut/minimalist adjusting design hints from the Enr.co products, which may be categorized as the “chil vibes”.

The logo made for this company is so flexible that itself may easily be applied to lomitless number of products, starting from furniture, home furnishings, even jewelries to music instruments. Looking forward to the fact that in the future this company will start to make several products representing it’s brand with various categories.

Company Culture

Enr.co has this major themed styles that brings together clean cut and minimalism with still acquiring the needs of giving unwinding and loosenning vibes to their buyers that use these products. Referring to the decent life in the Hamptons’ pricey beach houses in US, or the closest area like Ubud in Bali. Merging the idea of giving the finest crafted products with the clean and
sleek product with the loosenning touch of its semantics.

Marketing Plam

The network will settle first through the internet, covering the majority of today’s people that seems to just can’t set themselves apart from their gadgets. Set aside, physical markets of the products will settle at concept stores, such as the current uprising concept stores exist nowadays on Bandung, Jakarta, Surabaya and definitely Bali.

While the segmentation shall cover the area of age covering people in their 20s and 30s but excluding those above 40 years old. This age segmentation are chosen thou their identification for being what so called one of the most selfish are of one’s life. At this current age, a person will tend to spend money mostly for them self, adding to the facts that they might already having to start earning money of their own, by simply having an income, a person will be less thought full to buy things which are not located in the primary needs of their outcomes.


To be a local brand which brings a lot of changing movements for Indonesia From the mindsets of the people, habits, even the infrastructures that exist in this country.


Create well-designed products basically made with a hint of local craftmanship, looking from the materials, techniques and process, even the merging of other aspects such as culture and products’ interaction to users. Also to look closely upon a decent and proper execution that is properly made to compete with other designed products internationally scaled.